Our Approach…. by Bruno Melillo

Since December 1988, we have developed a diverse portfolio by focusing on the design process rather than on building specialization. We emphasize on the power of design to create sound, appropriate and sustainable solutions. We are proud of our approach to design, our in-house understanding of building codes, building science, and construction technology. From this holistic approach to Architecture, we are able to achieve award winning solutions that are relevant, sensitive, and sustainable.

by Bruno Melillo

The Value of Architecture

Since ancient times, people and cultures defined their presence in built form; their Architecture. Architecture and its visual texture can elicit awe, a sense of comfort and lift our spirits. It can also do the opposite or anything in between. The practice of Architecture is complex but when done with skill and sensitivity can enhance the value of our built environment.


Launch of our Website

We have just updated and revised our website. We hope you find browsing our a site a more pleasurable and easy experience. Sorry to anyone who was trying to reach our old site or trying to contact us while construction was under way. 

You can now reach us @ www.melilloarchitects.ca , melilloarchitects.ca , www.melilloarchitects.com or melilloarchitects.com


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